BitLocker with only a single partition….

No...I don't have a secret method of BitLocking a single partition. But my buddy John Baker posted about a tool that will reconfigure your machine for BitLocker if you decide to implement it after you have already configured your hard drive as a single partition. I am performing a Complete PC of my laptop right now and will attempt the tool once I am complete. I will post my results when done...

*** Updated 1/21 *** The BitLocker Drive prep tool worked exactly as promised. It only took about 5 mins total to prep my drive. Then of course it is still a matter of walking through the BitLocker wizard to actually encrypt it. I have about 50 gigs in my OS partition. It took about 20 minutes to encrypt the whole thing.



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  1. Eric Denekamp says:

    This tool works like a charm, even better… 😉

    read this post:

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