Intro to Exchange Webcast in about an hour and a half….

Short notice I know, but I want to get this out there. I am delivering Part 1 of an 8 part series on Exchange this afternoon at 1pm Pac. This is the Intro to Exchange session. We will review the Exchange roles, why Exchange is 64 bit only, and then spend the rest of the time talking about and demoing new features in OWA, AutoDiscover, and Transport Rules. You can sign up at the link below --

Exchange 2007 in Depth - Part 1 of 8 - Introduction

I am also delivering part two of the series on Friday also at 1pm Pac --

Exchange 2007 in Depth - Part 2 of 8 - Deployment and Migration

Bonus! -- I use my home Exchange server for the demos so you get to see a real (albeit small and relatively small load) server in production. I am at Exchange 2007 SP1 so you will get to see some of those features in action as well.



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  1. KP says:

    I went thru your webcasts and learned a lot. I am new to Exchange and I am actually trying to break into the field. As a rookie in the Exchange, it blows my mind that you say you have a Exchange server organization at home and have had since the 5.5 days.

    I have been meaning to create using one of the virtual apps out there a test lab with 5.5 and migrating to 2003 and finaaly to exchange 2007 so I can gain some experience.

    Could you please share with me, any tips or suggestions on how to proceed in this endeavor.

    Thanks a bunch


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