What to do with my HD Video Camera….

So I have this nice Sony HD video camera that I want to start using for video interviews. In fact, my first video interview will be a week from Friday. I have already taken a number of videos with the camera and used the Sony software to convert the Sony AVCHD format to MPEG. Now I am wondering how to get that video posted to my blog simply and easy. I would like to retain it in HD format if possible but if shooting in 4x3 standard def makes more sense then I guess I can downgrade the video for now.

I have never really posted video to the web so....

What would you do?



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  1. Robby says:

    Sounds like a cool camera!  From what what I know, you are not going to get to keep HD format anyway when posting to the web (unless maybe you host your own site and server).  Video hosting sites (like YouTube and others) limit you to 100MB file size and give you requirements on what file types they host (and they’re not HD).  In general, most web videos are reduced from their original format into a smaller, streaming-type format.  Quicktime, Windows Media, MPEG2, MP4s seem to be popular formats (and AVIs, but they are large). But recording in the HD may give you better overall quality, even in a reduced format, I think.  And once you post the video to a host site, they usually provide you with HTML that will allow you to post the video itself right on your website or blog.  

    That’s my 2 cents.  Hope it helps 🙂

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