Sci-Fi and soon to be famous people….

I met Robby Sparks and his wife Misty when my wife and I traveled with a group to the UK. At that time I didn't know that Robby was a science fiction fan. Not long after moving to Washington, Robby emails me and asks for my mailing address. I didn't think anything of it at the time and didn't think about it all when some weeks later I received a small manilla envelope in the mail. Inside was Volume 1: Issue 6 (Summer 2006) of APEX - a quarterly Science Fiction and Horror magazine.

I have been a sci-fi/fantasy/horror reader since I was a kid and figured it was something I signed up for somewhere or that it was a promotional copy sent to me. The mag sat for a day or two and then I started thumbing through it. I read a few of the short stories and started hitting a few of the web sites for the authors and assorted other places advertised. Then I stumbled upon one of the short stories and recognized the name - none other than Robby Sparks!

Apparently Robby is now helping promote APEX and also branching off into acting and directing because he recently posted a short movie to YouTube entitled - The Door of APEX - which he wrote and stars in. His wife Misty did the camera work. The basic premise is a man sees troubling images and wants to know why so he goes to see a psychiatrist. I will leave it at that.....

Btw.....the image of the man that flashes at the beginning of the video is the covert art from the issue above that he was published in.

Robby.....remember me when you become famous!!!



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  1. Anonymous says:

    Back in January I posted about a friend of mine, Robbie Sparks, who was doing some writing, acting and

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