My belated New Year post….

I have recovered.....almost.

My wife and I had some people over to the house New Year's Eve. I believe the last person left around 4am. That by itself would not have that much impact on my recovery. However, we were in Florida for a week just before New Years (3 hour time zone shift) and I have enough problems sleeping at home much less on the road. Add in our almost 24 hour awake time making connections getting home from Florida the day before the New Years Eve party and I was in pretty sad shape till this morning.

I am also hopelessly behind on email. I am spending today catching up while building out some demo machines for the new content we are delivering starting next week. In glancing at email it seems there are a number of support related questions which I will likely convert to blog postings throughout today and the weekend.

The Technet Live Events team is starting delivery of new content next week. I will be in San Jose, Ca on Jan 8th then on to Santa Clara, Ca on Jan 10th. I round out my "tour" of California on Jan 15th in Los Angeles. Of course "Los Angeles" is a big area to cover so to be more specific, I will be in Century City.


We are going to be doing two sessions - The first on BitLocker and I will being doing some Live Bitlocker encryption and decryption on multpile partitions. Pretty cool stuff and will be refelctive of what I am using on my own corporate laptop. Teh second sessions will dive into Network Access Protection (NAP) and the new Network Policy Server (NPS) in Windows Server 2008 (btw....NPS is our implementation of some BALCO approved application boosters).

I am also looking to do Karaoke on the evenings of Jan 8th and 10th. If you are interested in having a night out you are welcome to join me. I may even have to revive the Karaoke challenge. More on that later.....



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