What is all this voice mail!?!?!?

I was in Riverside, CA today delivering a Technet session on Unified Communications and Office Communication server. I like demoing with live production environments when I can and usually I use my servers at home. I don't have a PBX or OCS installed at home though so I have been using my UC number here at Microsoft and demoing all of the cool OCS Client features using my real account. I posted my work number on screen and had anyone in the audience who wanted to call go ahead and ring me. A few people took me up on the offer and called in. I answered a few of the calls, let some roll over to voice mail and even did a conference call back to some of the attendees. It was a cool demo and the audience liked it.

Unfortunately, I had some issues connecting to my Exchange server so I was unable to show the missed calls and voice mails roll into my inbox. They did make it though as the graphic below shows. (I cut out phone numbers to protect the innocent....). I wanted to make sure the audience could see how it looks when you can connect to Exchange and see the communications in the Inbox. Of the calls that came in, 22 of them were unique.

If you have not had a chance to see Microsoft Unified Communications in action, check out our UC Launch events and our Live Technet Briefings. I will be in Albuquerque and Phoenix doing some of these in two weeks.




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