Does Chris get it?

If you read my previous post and bothered to go out to the Robert Scoble’s post which prompted it, you will see me kind of going toe-to-toe with Robert. In my own opinion, I think Robert just doesn’t like being confronted much less being wrong which is why we have been going back and forth. I…


Does Scoble get it?

Check out one of Robert Scoble’s recent posts regarding connecting a MacMini to an HDTV. He runs through a list of cool things he now has because he connected the MacMini to a computer to his HDTV. There isn’t a item in his list that we have not been able to do, and do very…


Windows 2008 Webcast this morning….

I am delivering Part 4 of an 8 Part series on Windows Server 2008 this morning. My session deals with some of the new AD features like Read Only Domain Controllers, Server Core, and some of the new infrastructure enhancements that have been introduced to Group Policy for Windows 2008. You can Register Here Webcast…


What is all this voice mail!?!?!?

I was in Riverside, CA today delivering a Technet session on Unified Communications and Office Communication server. I like demoing with live production environments when I can and usually I use my servers at home. I don’t have a PBX or OCS installed at home though so I have been using my UC number here…


New Contact Phone Number for me….

I still have my cell phone number and have no intention of getting rid of it (yet) so feel free to continue reaching me via cell. I am also Unified Communications enabled and I am diving head first into using it as my primary communications method. So I am posting my UC number as well….