Exchange Web Services resources….

My recent webcast on Exchange Client and Web Access generated a number of emails looking for additional information on developing against the Exchange Web components. I have rounded up some resources here —

Introduction to Exchange 2007 Web Services – Part 1 — A basic intro with links to other supporting information on Exchange Web Services

Introduction to Exchange 2007 Web Services – Part 2 — See Above….

Introduction to Exchange 2007 Web Services – Part 3 — See Above…

Getting Started with Exchange Web Services Proxy Programming — Self explanatory…

Creating an Exchange Web Services Client Application — Links and Sample Code for creating apps to run against Exchange Web Services

Exchange Web Services Reference — This covers the XML messaging that gets sent between client and server

Exchange Web Proxy Services Reference — Links to materials discussing how to use Visual Studio .NET generated proxies

Exchange Web Services XML Elements — XML Element documentation

and finally…..

Exchange Server Developers Center on MSDN — THE source for all things Exchange dev related….



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