I have a new job….

...sort of...

We recently re-arranged our team to get more inline with our customers. We are now aligned to Competitive, Community, or Core roles. The Competitive role addresses competitive scenarios (Domino & Exchange, Linux & Windows, Google & Live). The Community role works with community engagements like local user groups, academic, broad reach, etc. The Core role (where I am at) continues the tradition of Live Events, webcasts, screencasts, blogging, etc....

What this means for me is that I will be delivering more live presentations across a wider area of the United States. In fact, I recently delivered sessions in San Diego, LA, Boulder (Broomfield, CO, and Englewood, CO). I am on deck for presentations in Boise, Spokane, Portland, Tuscon, San Diego,  Colorado Springs, & Fort Collins. And that is just in October!

I am still going to work with our community champions to meet with User Groups and other community focused activities while I am in town. So if you have a User Group in one of the cities above, checkout the the dates of the Live events on the Technet Events site and let me know if you are interested in having me out. Doesn't cost you a penny and I usually bring some goodies with me.



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  1. Rick Mahn says:

    Kudos to you Chris!  Sounds like a great change – I hope you enjoy traveling. 😉



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