Countdown to blogosphere implosion….

The end of the world is nigh.....Scoble has taken a blogging hiatus. And not just the "weekend-off-to-get-my-head-on-straight" break. Robert seems to be suffering from something that I have been combating since my humble beginnings as a blogger - The desire to vent - To bitch and moan - To demote instead of promote.

I am not sure if the blog readers of the world understand how difficult it is to stay positive when writing up blog posts. If one thinks about what we (the average person) is exposed to it really makes sense.

The first 30 minutes of practically every local newscast is dedicated to who died, who was killed, who killed, who was drunk, what Paris has done lately, and any number of other sensationalistic, not-really-news-and-not-so-important-to-anyone-outside-the-immediate-sphere-of-influence-of-of-the-"news"-source-subject "news".

In general life, the negative seems to always get more air-play than the positive. Sure, the occasional warm & fuzzy human interest story makes everyone feel good about the world, but by and large, most "news" is of the negative variety. The sensational, the wildly different (read this as freaky out there) always gets more airplay than the 2 minutes at the end of the local news broadcasts reserved for the video of a cat getting rescued from a tree by the local fire department.

Blogging is not all that different.

It is a lot easier blog negatively (think the dark side of The Force) than to come up with nice, positive things to say (without sounding like you are in advertising or employed by the marketing department[1]. I have started countless blog posts where I realize toward the middle I am just venting my frustrations. A few of those have made it to print. Mostly it just helps to write it, read it to myself, then delete it. I try real hard to keep them to a minimum. But now and then the slip through.

Scoble seems to think that his postings to Facebook and Twitter are slanted toward the negative side.

I don't Twitter. So I don't see his posts.

I try to Facebook but I have a difficult time finding relevancy and value in it. And I ignore all the activity from Scoble. I call it ScobleFriendSpam. It is overwhelming and I have simply stopped processing it short of removing him as a "friend".

What I am trying to say is, I have not kept that close tabs on Scoble activities to give an opinion one way or another about his own experiences (....and should I? Am I qualified?). Suffice it to say that I empathize with how he feels. Blogging can be a chore. Bad blogging is easy. Good blogging should be positively passionate and takes thought and work.

I struggle with both and I bet most bloggers so.

The sky is falling.....look out!




[1] - In a round-about way I am employed by the marketing department at Microsoft. I am an Evangelist. Spreading the good word about cool Microsoft products and technologies is my job. There. I said it.

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