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Been a while since I posted, and this one was supposed to go up almost a month ago!

Have you taken a look at the new Unified Communications (UC) services in Exchange? I was recently enabled for UC at MS and let me tell you.....sliced bread has met it's match! It is a wonnermous thing to be sitting at your Laptop....ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD.....and see a toast pop-up telling you that your mother-in-law is calling and be able to redirect it to your better half's phone with just a few clicks.

The marvels of modern technology.....

Don't know what I am really talking about? Check out the Unified Communications page here. In a nutshell, UC is Voice over IP, linked into Exchange and Office Communicator. SharePoint and Office apps like Outlook can make use of UC as well to deliver presence information letting people know your availability and how to get a hold of you.  

I am going to do a couple of small demos of UC at my live events over the next few weeks. In fact, for those that want to here how well it works, feel free to give me a call at 425-705-8506. That is my new UC enabled number and it follows me anywhere I am signed in with Office Communicator. I am online right now!

For those of you not in the PacWest and can't make a live event and want to know more about how Exchange Unified Communications and Office Communications Server (OCS) work, there are some new Technet Virtual Labs on UC and OCS here. Everything from Deploying and Configuring to Compliance and Archiving.

There is even an RSS feed you can subscribe to so you will know when updates are made to the site!



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