What do you want to hear about?

This week I am going to a bunch of internal training as a part of our TechReady readiness effort. Since I am going to be speaking to you about this stuff afterwards, what should I be focused on? What do you want to know about? What do I need to know about when I come speak to your company? User Groups? School?

I am all ears....



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  1. I was blown away by Derek Burney’s “Amplify the Impact of Your People with Enterprise 2.0” presentation at Enterprise 2.0 last month. The presentation shows how the Microsoft stack is being used internally to achieve Enterprise 2.0 efficiencies.  (You can download copies of his PowerPoint and an MP4 video from http://enterprise2conf.vportal.net/ where it is the seventh item on the list.)

    I have two issues. First, while this looks doable for enterprises, it looks much more difficult for the SMB market where IT money is typically much more constrained. I would like you to help us (your readers and attendees at your events) to be able to understand, promote, and implement these technologies as budgets permit in the SMB market many of us service.

    The second issue I have is that while Derek’s presentation specifically refers to partners and community beyond employees of the enterprise, it appears that the implementation he shows is limited to Microsoft employees. I would like it if there was a way for Microsoft Partners to sign in and use the collaborative tools. I think it would complete the vision underlying the presentation while being beneficial to both Microsoft and its Partners.

  2. Jose says:

    I know all the primary info focus in Enterprise and the new Windows Server 2008, but i’d like to hear more about Vista, like how to script? how to change some gpo’s in vista for more security, and maybe what’s is better Windows Live OneCare or ForeFront Clients Side. Don’t forget us (Desktop Support)

  3. Jose says:

    In all this time supporting people, this is the first time i step into the next problem:

    My client forgot the password of some excel, word and ppt files. what are the steps to recover them without using third-party apps from the web, MS Tools and if you can fix them in the host machine and others, because the password are in the machine and not in the files.

    And don’t forget about the privacy in his files.

  4. Chris E. Avis says:

    Robert – I will spend some time looking at the presentation you linked to. It looks interesting.

  5. Chris E. Avis says:

    Jose – I will have an increased focus on Windows Server 2008 because of the launch. But I am not going to stop speaking to people about Vista. There are too many things in Vista that are cool for customers and provide great value for businesses to ignore. Look for some new screencasts on Vista in the near future.

  6. Chris E. Avis says:

    Jose – Send me an email with more details about the password issue.

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