Update on Technet Webcast stuff…

Last week I pointed out a new site that lets you find webcasts by your favorite Microsoft Across America Technet Evangelists. We now list all upcoming and on-demand webcasts at the Technet Events website. That site has already been updated to provide a cleaner looking title for the webcasts which (IMO) makes it easier to find the webcasts you are looking for.

You can still search for all Microsoft Webcasts at the Microsoft Webcasts site. In fact some of our older and still popular webcasts can only be found there.

I want to point out one series of webcasts in particular. Back in January, Harold Wong started the "24 Hours of Exchange" series. This is a fantastic series regarding everything in the Exchange 2007 Server product. If you have 24 hours of time, you should check this out. Btw....you can stream any of the webcasts online, or, download them for offline viewing. They are WMV format so you can even view them on your Zune!



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