Up late with Darwyn and Hayden….

I have three daughters from two previous marriages. I remarried for the final time just over a year ago. Jeanne (my wife) and I were together for 5 years before we got married. During that time we discussed a lot of things future-related that dealt with our relationship. One of those things was regarding children. She has no children of her own and didn’t want any. She enjoys my children and that fulfills her motherly instinct. This was discussed many times and she convinced me that she did not want to try to have kids once we were married. I believed her. I trusted her. I married her.

I was betrayed….

My youngest daughter is 8 years old. Well out of diapers. I thought the days of getting up in the middle of the night to comfort a crying child, clean up “messes”, and satisfy their hunger were long over.

Or so I thought….

About a week ago my wife comes home with the twins – Hayden and Darwyn.

And here I am at 3:30am, comforting the crying kids, cleaning up “messes”, and making sure they don’t go hungry….they just got back to sleep so I decided to snap a couple pictures of the new arrivals and vent my parental frustrations….

The sleeping twins…

Just not comfortable enough…




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  1. Jeanne (The Wife) says:

    This is all true.  

    Also, true is that when I married Chris he said to me "women are evil" (naturally this was in jest)I am only trying to fulfill my role as a woman…waaahhhh!!!

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