Why Deploy IPv6 – Resources….

I am delivering a webcast today on Why to Deploy IPv6 at 9am Pacific time today...

Here are some resources that I will be referring to....

Server and Domain Isolation Site

Network Access Protection (NAP) Site

Introduction to IPv6 Whitepaper (updated January 2007)

IPv6 technical Reference Site (this is a little older but still relevant)

Internet Systems Consortium (ISC) Internet Host Survey - Record of number of hosts on the Internet every year since 1981

How Windows Vista Delivers IPv6 - An Ask the Experts session by Dale Geesey

How IPv6 Works - Architecture, Routing, Transition technologies

IPv6 Transition Technologies

DNS Client Behavior in Vista

Name of Large Numbers - Cool Wikipedia entry discussing how large numbers are named....we reference "undecillion" in the webcast....



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