Back from a much needed vacation….

I am back online after a week of ignoring my cell phone and email. I have to say, it was difficult to NOT want to check email. After so many years in the industry, giving up email for a week is not easy. I thought that going up into the mountains to a log cabin would make it easier, but it turns out that at 11,000 feet we had Dish TV in the cabins and I had two bars on my phone. You just can't get away anymore....

I was already behind on email and testing before I went on vacation so I am playing double catch up. Top that off with two more weeks of vacation starting at the end of this week (it will be a catch up on blogging, projects, email vacation) and heading up to Anchorage for a couple of days to speak to a customer and it is easy to see I won't be getting caught up quickly.

If you have sent me email, please be patient - I will get back to you. Feel free to send me a reminder if necessary....



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