Microsoft Surface….wow….

I know I am not the first person to post about Microsoft Surface, but I am not going to not post about it just because of that.

This is a product that will take us closer to full interactive computing. Think Matrix + Minority Report + Real Life (sorry....for that link, go stand in front of a mirror).

I want the full experience of being able to take a digital camera and placing it on the "table" and being able to download my pictures to it. for that matter, let me place a CD or DVD on it and have the Table rip the content to a centralized storage area (Home Server). Let it analyze ANYTHING I place on the surface and give me options for how I deal with, music, data (think about dropping a business card on the surface and having the information be added to Outlook contacts). Just don't go so far as to analyze my DNA....yet.

Some of these things are demo'd at the a bunch more. But don't let the demo's keep you from fantasizing about what you would like to see this be able to do.

I know about as much as what the general public does so far, but I am not going to let that stop me from suggesting what I would like to see it be able to do.

What do want it to do?



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