Why I REALLY dig Vista Ultimate…..

I am on the road today (like that is a big surprise....) in Redmond, OR at the Deschutes County Fairgrounds for the local Technology Showcase. Lots of local vendors and some big players showing off some cool technology. I will post more about that later.....

To get here though, I had to get on a plane which means I had to pass through security. I carry a substantial amount of electronic equipment with me. I have two laptops, a gaggle of spare drives, mice, cell phone, network cables, blah, blah, blah.....On this trip the TSA people decided they needed to sort through my backpack and in the process dropped two of my hard drives on the floor. I knew that meant trouble but didn't know how much till I arrived on site and started booting up my machine.

One of the drives was my core system drive (which I just rebuilt last week btw) which was out of the machine because I was building yet another system up for some other demos. The other drive had a virtual machine of SBS2003 R2 Premium installed to for one of the sessions I am delivering today. Both are toast. The core drive actually booted up, promptly blue screened and then never booted again. The other drive just doesn't spin up at all.

BUT! Since I do Complete PC backups about every 2-3 days, I was able to drop in a spare drive, boot my Vista Ultimate DVD and restore my 3 day old backup in about 30 minutes.  I lost a couple days worth of stuff I dropped on the desktop, but nothing that isn't easy to recreate of find again.

Vista Ultimate Rocks!



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