Vacation Time coming up….

Heads up! (btw......ever wonder why in baseball, basketball, football......all the sports with balls that can fly amuck.....people yell "head's up" when a ball is heading for people?.....Usually coming in from the sky.....They obviously think that getting hit in the face with a heavy object is more desirable than getting knocked in the top of the head.....any doctor's out there? what is more likely to cause brain of the head or face injury? My guess is top of the head since there are seams in the plates at the top of the head......too many hospital drama shows. The ego in my wants me to protect my ugly mug....)

Oh yeah....I am supposed to be telling you I will be going on vacation in June for almost the whole month.

The first week I will be on a camping trip with my brother, father and uncle - the first time ever the Avis men have gotten together (just us that is) for a trip. We are heading to some cabins in Wyoming to do some hiking, fishing, and male bonding.

Second week of June I am back, but that is followed by two more weeks of vacation when my kids come up from Texas to visit. This is big deal for a few of reasons....they have never flown before, and they have not been to our new house since we moved to Washington, they have never been to Washington, and they have never been this far from home before. Doesn't seem like a big deal on the surface, but when you frame it in the minds of an (almost) 8 and an 11 yr old it takes on a different scope.

If there is anything I am working on for you that needs to be resolved before Jun 1st, please let me know so I can prioritize it and get it knocked out before I go offline.



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