What’s in a user name…..

…a domain name, silly!

For those of you in Eugene, Or who came to my live event, one of the demos I attempted on the new Remote Program Terminal Services functionality gave me a little grief. I created the Remote Program, created the RDP package, launched it from the client, provided my credentials at which point it promptly told me my credentials were incorrect.

How hard could it be……. 



Well not having the domain name (contoso) in front of the user name makes a difference. We aren’t automatically assuming that it is the Administrator account for the domain with this stuff. In a way I can see it being a bit of a hassle, but I also see it adding a small level of security for the neophyte bad guy trying to access your terminal server.


I am on the road till Friday at which time I will get a recording of the Terminal Server demo online….

***Updated*** Removed the very well known password used in our demo environments by request….


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