Information from Deploying Windows Vista Webcast…

Great questions on the webcast yesterday, folks!  I am sure some of you will email in with more but I am going to post some of the answers here.

Q - Where can I download WinPE 2.0?

A - WinPE 2.0 is included with the downloadable Windows Automated Installation Kit (WAIK). You can also download the WAIK User Guide for Vista.

Q - Where can I get the BDD Workbench you demonstrated?

A - The BDD Workbench and all the other stools referenced in the webcast can be found at the Windows Desktop Deployment site.

Q - Can I use all of the tools you mentioned for deploying XP Workstations?

A - Yes!  There are some differences between XP and Vista deployments, all of which are addressed on the Windows Desktop Deployment site.


I will update this post as more questions come in via email.....OR post a comment!



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