Oh Happy Day….

I have had an absolutely fantastic week at the conferences here on Orlando. I have met some great people, saw some great speakers and feel like my stress level has been reduced by about 80%. I have some great pictures of me in a Sumo suit speaking with attendees I will get up on my blog in a few days.

But here is the clincher....

I am on the phone (land line btw) with my wife, getting ready to shut down my laptop and I accidentally opened Internet Explorer. My lead home page tab in IE is MSNBC.com and the lead article is labeled "Quiet Skies" with a subtitle of "FCC says no to cell phones on planes". Talk about a perfect end to a near perfect trip. The jist of the article is that the FCC has decided (for now) to leave the rule in place that cell phones can not be used on planes.

Huzzah to the FCC!

As much as I have grown to dislike the process of flying (the Airline industry is about as high on my list of good customer service providers/value providers as credit card companies and they rank only above contracting ebola), I have always appreciated being cell phone free for that brief moment in time. While I don't believe a cell phones could interfere with a planes navigation or other systems much less have the ability to cause a plane to fall out of the sky, I fully take advantage of the rule to tell people to shut off their phones if they try to use them in flight.  I will hit the call button in a heart beat to preserve my cell free zone for what may be only a 15 minute flight from Ontario, California to LAX.

Huzzah to the FCC!

I imagine I will have an ear to ear smile on the flights back to Seattle from Orlando tomorrow. I might even write a letter to the FCC singing their praises.

Now....if we can only train people to get out of an airplane seat without grabbing the seat back in front of them....



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