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I am just wrapping up a long day talking to customers at the Windows/Office Connections conference in Orlando. I delivered some cool sessions and received some great questions. With all the products I speak about it would be impossible to have answers to every question stored in my head. I assure you, I have limited brain RAM. Thus the name of my blog and the tag line of "it's not what you know, it's knowing how to find the answer".

To that end, I have created a new blog tag called "Live Event Q&A". As I did in my events today, I will drop questions I don't have immediate answers to into OneNote (okay.....sometimes Notepad but they get moved later) and will blog answers as I find them.

Which brings us to installment #1 of Answer to Live Q&A....

Question: How do you change the mail editor in Outlook 2007 from Word 2007 to......?

Answer: You can't.

Source: Search the web with "Information on the Changes in Outlook Using Word as the Email Editor"

I completely missed the furor over switching from using IE to Word as the rendering engine (when Word is installed). I know why I missed it too - I don't create HTML heavy emails and I don't typically receive HTML heavy emails. In fact I would rather not. I like keeping my email readable and separate from my browsing experience. I know some mailing lists do some fancy-schmancy stuff with newsletters using HTML but I don't subscribe to any. I don't want to discount the individuals who were/are up in arms about this, but there was a day not so long ago that NO newsletters were in HTML at all. And why aren't people using RSS and the web for newsletters? Keep our Inboxes clear! Post the newsletter to the web and let my RSS aggregator notify me when the newsletter gets updated. Outlook 2007 *does* pull that info.

But this is just my opinion and I am now talking about something completely different.

If you want more information on what Outlook 2007 does when Word 2007 is and is not installed on the same machine, read the Outlook 2007 Email Editor Whitepaper.



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