What do you want to know today….

The Microsoft Across America IT Pro Evangelist team is meeting this week. Well....most of us are anyway. Some of us, myself included, are in Orlando delivering presentations at Techmentor and Windows Connections. But I am taking a couple days off to meet the rest of the MSAM ITE team to review the content we are delivering to the public starting in April. A part of that is a discussion around what topics we want to deliver in the quarter following.

This is where you come in.

Realizing I should have posted this a month ago and given much more time for you to comment, I would like to know what you want to know about. I can sit in a fluorescent light lit room isolated from the real world and say make a reasonable guess at what you - the REAL IT Pro - want to know about, but the fact is, I don't actually do what you do (at least not on the same scale....12 machines in the basement does not an enterprise scale network define). I would like your direct feedback on what you would like to see us presenting to you.

What do you want to know about?

To clarify this, what I am talking about is the  Live Technet Briefings that my team delivers around the US. We usually have 2-3 topics we talk about at these briefings. I would like to get your direct feedback on what you want us to talk about. The time frame for which your suggestions are relevant are from July 1 through Sept 30 - that is the time frame we are going to be deciding content for.


What do you want to know about?

Speak now or....let us decide for you!



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