Where did IPv5 go?

I am increasingly getting more question about IPv6. Especially now that IPv6 is installed and turned on by default in Vista. So I want to post a few resources for those of you starting to ramp up on IPv6.

For a little bit more information.....IPv4 is what most people are using today when they connect to the Internet, their home LAN/WAN, and even at work. IPv4 is what most people would refer to as the current TCP/IP implementation and comprises the combination of the TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) and IP (Internet Protocol) for networking applications and routing of packets. IPv4 has been around for a long time and over time, it has become constrained by some inherent scalability issues as well as security exploits and vulnerabilities.

IPv6 is the next generation TCP/IP stack that promises to alleviate the IP addressing issues we have as well as plug some of the holes that exist today. I have gathered just a few resources on IPv6 to help get you up to speed....and you need to get up to speed. Unlike Window XP where IPv6 could be implemented but only from a command prompt and usually only if you knew exactly what you were doing, in Windows Vista, IPv6 is installed and enabled by default. It is also managed through the GUI instead on only through the command prompt.

So here are a few resources for you....

Intro to IPv6 Webcast

IPv6 information on Technet

Intro to IPv6 Whitepaper

IPv6 Transition Technologies Whitepaper

Why Deploy IPv6? Webcast



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