Vista and IPSec webcast tomorrow…

Tomorrow I am delivering a webcast entitled - Deploying IPSec with Windows Vista. I don't like the title very much because I won't be making a deep dive into deploying IPSec on a wide scale. It is more of an intro to IPSec on Vista and how we can control some IPSec functions using Vista's new Windows Firewall with Advanced Security (if you have Vista, type "Advanced" into the Start Button Search bar and you will see the tool......don't make changes 'til you have backed up though!). One interesting feature is the native support for IPv6 in the Vista Firewall. We will show some of that in the session.

I would really like your feedback on how this webcast goes. It is my first IPSec webcast and I would like to know if the session is useful and how much more information you want to know about IPSec. I have been toying with the idea of making some regular posts about it so this will help with direction.



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