My Brother thinks I’m huge….

....of course, I am his older brother and based upon how much weight I have gained since the holidays, I am prone to agree with him. He sent me an email consisting of the Subject: Dude! and Body: Dude! You're Huge! and then a weblink. I expected it to be a link to a YouTube video of me pigging out on the 10 lbs of Hershey's Kisses my daughter sent me for my birthday. Fortunately, is was a link to an article on Yahoo! Finance about an interview I recently did with "Let's Talk Computers". In the interview we talk about Windows Vista and some of the new features available for consumers and businesses. Much better than watching me eat chocolate...

My friend and co-worker Chris Henley also did an interview with Let's talk Computers on the new Office 2007 release. There is also an interview with Stuart Scott, the CIO of Microsoft, regarding Vista and Office 2007. Seems I am in good company!



***Updated 12:28*** MSN Money/MoneyCentral link to Interview - Also, my previous post got eaten so sorry for the time shift...

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I have received a dozen or so emails/calls about my interview from friends/family/co-workers. All but

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