How Big can I get….

I have received a dozen or so emails/calls about my interview from friends/family/co-workers. All but one pointed me to the Yahoo! Finance article as the reference point (see my earlier posting). Makes me wonder why so many of my acquaintances are going to Yahoo! Finance instead of MSN MoneyCentral! This is the first interview I have given while at MS, but I have recently been the interviewer for a series of Technet Radio Interviews. I figure now is as good as any to post about those.

Deploying Office w2007 w/ Josh Edwards - Technical Product Manager on the Microsoft Office Client  team

Windows Vista Deployment w/ Manu Namboodiri - Sr. Product manager in the Windows Client marketing group

Interview with Exchange Author and MVP Paul Robichaux

My co-workers Chris Henley and Michael J. Murphy also do interviews for Technet Radio.


Who would you like me to interview?



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