What am I supposed to know?

This week in Seattle, Microsoft is bringing together IT Evangelists (ITE's), Developer Evangelists (DE's), Technology Specialists (TS's), Architects, and many other technology specific roles for an semi-annual event called TechReady. As the name suggests, this technology conference is held to get those of us in customer facing roles prepared and up-to-date on existing and emerging technologies so we can speak to our customers intelligently about the cool new stuff and the updated "old" stuff. As I began planning my week I started selecting sessions *I* was interested in seeing. I realized that if I only go to the presentations that *I* am interested in, I may be missing the boat for my customers. Just because I am interested in Messaging and Compliance features in Exchange 2007 doesn't mean my customers are. (I know some of you are, but not everyone in my audiences is an Exchange admin.) I need to attend sessions that relate to the products and technologies that my *customers* are interested in.

So here is my ask of you - What products, features, technologies in Microsoft products are *you* interested in? Do I need to go to IPv6 sessions? Longhorn? Network Access Protection (NAP)? You tell me so when we meet face to face I can better provide you answers and information on what *you* want to know about!



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