Blogging from Boise!

Welcome Everyone!  I am back!  And I am writing my inaugural post on my new blog from Boise, ID. Tomorrow I am delivering a group of sessions for the Vista/Office/Exchange launch here in Boise, and it looks to be a great crowd. I brought my camera with me so I will post some pictures in a day or so from the session.

Hey Chris....why haven't you been blogging?

Wow.....where do I start. There are a bunch of things I could blather on about, but in reality it comes down to two things:

1) Technological - As some of you know, I was blogging fairly regularly on my personal blog over at Stewed Prunes. That blog and all of the infrastructure to support it runs on servers in my basement. Some of that equipment is very old (which is a relative thing when speaking about computer hardware). I have had several hardware failures which with my travel schedule and other commitments were difficult to resolve quickly. I also switched ISP's which caused me grief to no end. Not to mention the power failures we suffered here in the Pac West. But that only accounts for November through present time. My last post was in August. Which leads me to the real reason.....

2) Motivation - I just didn't have it.

So what changed?

I decided to move my blog over to a MS hosted property. Now I don't have to worry about the hardware anymore! I also have outlined for myself some topics I want to blog about to get more focused. I will still probably be all over the map from time to time, you will see some themes developing as I progress. We all have pet projects or things we like to talk about so that is what I am going to pursue. For now I am leaving my tags/categories blank and will fill them in I blog about something that deserves a new area. rest assured I will will be blogging about cool MS technologies. I also will be doing some break/fix postings on how to resolve common issues people run into.

What about Stewed Prunes?

I am keeping it. In fact I may even start up at least one other blog. But don't expect a lot of activity there. For now I plan to focus on this blog. I still have hardware to replace and until I feel comfortably redundant at home and like I have a more easily recoverable configuration, I am not going to get real active. Suffice it to say that Stewed Prunes will be a more personal blog and here i will be more technical.

With that, it is getting late and I have a big show tomorrow. Time to get some rest!



Comments (2)

  1. Hey, Stewed Prunes, ’bout time you got off yer arse! The blogosphere welcomes you warmly in it’s many tendriled embrace. 🙂

  2. Keith Combs says:

    Maybe the prune pit is growing into a plum tree.  🙂

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