Upgrading to Windows 8 Consumer Preview Just Got Easier–Using VHD Tools to P2V

As you already know, Windows 8 Consumer Preview hit the market just over a week ago.  The 1 million downloads in the first day sheds some light on the demand and I’m sure that many of you are clambering to get it on your devices and find out what all the buzz is about.  Same…


Using WinPE Creator to Create Virtual Hard Drive (VHD) of your physical server

In the past two posts, I’ve focused on the first two capabilities provided in the Configuration Manager Physical-to-Virtual Migration Toolkit.  The primary scenario for this toolkit is to offer customers the ability to virtualize their physical servers when they don’t readily have System Center Virtual Machine Manager available.  As mentioned, our P0 scenario was to…


Creating Stand-alone Media to Deploy Windows Server 2008 that Captures Physical Host

The entire goal of the Configuration Manager Physical-to-Virtual Migration Toolkit is to, as I outlined in my previous post, is to “flip” the physical server with no need for additional hardware.  I outlined in “Using ConfigMgr Physical-to-Virtual (P2V) Migration Toolkit’s “Action Pad” to build Task Sequence” post I shared how to effectively build a task…


Using ConfigMgr Physical-to-Virtual (P2V) Migration Toolkit’s “Action Pad” to build Task Sequence

  As I’ve previously discussed on my blog, our engineering team has partnered with two System Center teams – Configuration Manager & Virtual Machine Manager – to deliver a new toolkit called Configuration Manager Physical-to-Virtual (P2V) Migration Toolkit.  This toolkit aims at simplifying the migration to ConfigMgr 2012 by orchestrating, end-to-end, the “flipping” of the…


Dynamic Provisioning for ConfigMgr hits the Shelf – TechNet Magazine Sept 2009

I promised early on to not use “marketing” as a ploy in my blog and trust me this is painful to write.  However, if it wasn’t for the fact that many of the blog posts here are directly related, I decided to go ahead with a little bit of selfish plugging.  In a story format,…


Dynamic Provisioning with VMM: Proxy, Windows Updates, and Scripts

In our environment, there are two things that are critical to success of an environment that is dynamically built from scratch – Updates & Internet connectivity.  This might seem odd since most would believe that we would utilize WSUS & the Software Update Points in Configuration Manager to do our patching and truth be known…


SCVMM Sample Unattend.XML for Windows Server 2008 & R2

In today’s post, I thought I would share with you some XML that drives some of our dynamic provisioning.  The power of dynamic provisioning is found in taking a base image of a Server operating system that has nothing enabled and customizing it using the Windows Automated Installation Kit (WAIK) that is available in SCVMM….