Brocade Fiber Switch Console (Java) Shuts Down when Accessing via HTTP

If you run a lab or data center that includes Storage Area Networks (SAN) for shared storage then you’ve most likely run into switching technology.  For example, in our engineering lab we have 20+ physical hosts connecting to a fiber-based Host Bus Adaptors (HBA) and this requires the use of switches if you have more…


Hyper-V Lingering Internal NICs – Unable to Remove

I recently had a Windows Server 2008 R2 server running the Hyper-V role with some Internal NICs created for private “sandboxing” of some VMs.  After adding some additional virtual machines to utilize the Private NICs, I was up and running.  This turned out to be a temporary situation until we put another server into production…


Failover Clustering Validation Wizard Fails when Enterprises uses IPv6 and IPv4

Recently, I had a server that I had to forcibly evict from our Hyper-V Cluster farm due to some downtime for hardware failures.  Instead of having it serve as offline, I simply migrated the clients off before the failure occurred using System Center Virtual Machine Manager R2’s Maintenance mode.  Then I used the Failover Cluster…


Failover Cluster Networks & Local Networks – Phantom Network listed in Failover Cluster Manager

You’ve recently had a request to add a few virtual machines to your Clustered Hyper-V farm and you’ve obliged them and created it using SCVMM’s administrator console.  You’ve created the network as a “Local Only” meaning that the VMs can communicate with each other as well as the Parent partition on the physical host (as…


Enlightenment for SCVMM – Defining Network Locations & Tags

The primary thing that took some digging up when starting to use System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2008 was understanding of Network Locations & Tags.  There is a great blog on this topic but I want to make sure that we extend this a bit taking into account yesterday’s post of enabling of VLAN trunking….


Buzz: Getting VLAN Trunking working with Hyper-V

A few months ago I was scrambling around trying to locate documentation on this feature called “VLAN” trunking.  You see, we had this environment that we did our engineering testing in that consisted of multiple VLANs all serving various purposes and we needed an efficient way to get VMs on the network and communicating with…