Visual Studio 2008 – Connecting to TFS 2010 Server

We’ve recently in our group migrated to TFS 2010 Beta and in order to support this, we’ve had to make some changes to our local machines to successfully connect to projects hosted on our TFS 2010 server.  In today’s blog, I wanted to do a quick demo of how to correctly connect to the TFS 2010 server from a Visual Studio 2008 client.

Update Visual Studio to Service Pack 1 (for client)

The first step is to update your Visual Studio in case you’ve not already done so.  This is required before you can successfully connect.  The steps are the following -

1. VS 2008 Service Pack 1 (for client)

2. Forward Compat Hotfix for 2008

Adding your Server Connection to a Visual Studio 2010 “Collection” (new concept)

As your already very familiar with, you are required to add a connection to a server before you can load a project.  This is done through the Tools | Connect to Team Foundation Server when you’ve installed Team Explorer on your client.  With Visual Studio 2010’s new collection (a “group” of like projects” then you change your method of connecting from the individual server, and provide the server and collection name. 

Thus, to confirm that you’ve correctly set this up, do the following:

1. Open Visual Studio 2008

2. Click Tools, Connect to Team Foundation Server












3.  Click Servers












4. Click Add

To correctly access TFS 2010, you are required to enter using the following syntax -


5. Enter the URL to your TFS 2010 server into the Add Team Foundation Server textbox -











I only include this in a blog topic simply because there was confusion on our team as to how to effectively access our new server.  We are hosting our own TFS 2010 server currently until our hosted offering migrates fully to VS 2010.  It has been quite a journey.  Look for more TFS 2010 snippets that we learn over the coming weeks!


Comments (3)

  1. ChrAd says:

    Hey there-

    If this is what is happening then you’ve not successfully installed the Forward Compat Hotfix for 2008 as this is what allows you to enter http:// & / in the address.  This is downloaded…/details.aspx and it is crucial that you do it in order.  I’ve heard of issues where ordering causes problems.  I would do the following (as painful as it is) –

     1)  Repair SP1 (in re-install)

     2)  Install Hotfix from URL above

    Then try again… ping me if it still doesn’t work.  I re-tested this against RTM (I don’t use 2008 much) and it worked perfectly.



  2. URL entry is invalid says:

    Hi & thanks for the article.

    However, the URL in the format that you've specified cannot be entered into the server name box.  VS2008 rejects anything with a http: or /

    The full path is how you describe it, but we cannot seem to make this work in VS2008, as it compiles the path but does not allow or assume the path "/tfs"

    In VS2010, there is a seperate textbox for the "path", in which you can enter "tfs"

    Is there anyway around this?



  3. thanks says:

    Thanks for this article!
    You really helped me solve my issue with VS2008

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