Yesterday, tomorrow, and then what…

Welcome to my 3rd (and maybe final?) Blog!

My Microsoft career has been an on-off-on kinda thing.  Literally.  I spent a few years dabbling in the Web platform and was the originator of the IIS Webcast Series, a couple of IIS Resource Kit DVDs, and a slew of other things.  In general, I was just a Web server geek.  I left Microsoft for 6 months or so and then loved it so much I couldn’t stand to be away… and I found re-entry building an Enterprise Desktop Management service.  We aren’t doing that anymore…

Today, I manage a small team of software engineers who focus on a few solutions – Operating System Deployment (OSD), Infrastructure architecture, and soon something else (TBD).

Technology Thoughts

Recently, I have spent time focusing on a service offered by Microsoft to not only internal clients but also external clients.  Our operations engineering team runs the ConfigMgr 2007 infrastructure that delivers monthly patching, software distribution, and other services.  It is quite the reach out from my last gig focusing solely on nothing but Web technologies (IIS, ASP.NET, etc.) though I do get to reach back every once in awhile use some of my old IIS skills.

These days I have dabbled in most of the System Center products and I don’t see this changing.  The division, Management & Services Division, that our team is a part of focuses on a bunch of extremely cool yet very valuable technologies that Microsoft is invested in.  Off the top of my head, how would you like to own the entire System Center suite (minus Data Protection Manager) as well as Windows Update, Microsoft Update, WSUS, Application Virtualization (App-V), Microsoft Enterprise Desktop Virtualization (MED-V), and a whole slew of other stuff.  All I can say is this is some fun stuff…

What to expect?

I don’t quite like to advertise like I often did back in the day with my IIS.NET blog so you will not see much in that arena.  What I will do though is try and share with you musings that I think might just save someone sometime and energy.  In general, I hope to under promise & over deliver – the key to good software engineering at Microsoft.

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