Troubleshooting Office Communicator Phone Experience (a.k.a. Tanjay) Update Server

From time-to-time there will be a need to update the firmware on the Tanjay. Do to this we utilize a server known as the Update Server. This is seperate from WSUS or SMS. The Update Server is a combination of a server role and a Sharepoint site. The information about the Update Server is giving…


Publicly routable IP address needed for A/V Edge server

When deploying OCS 2007 in a environment where you wish to have remote users (i.e. users outside of your network) still be able to use the services you will need to deploy an Edge Server. The Edge Server was known as the Access Proxy in LCS 2005. Much like the front end pool of OCS…


Quality of Experience (QoE) paper published

Tom has posted about the QoE paper that has been published. Please read it at:


A/V Edge and Publicly routable IP addresses (Part ii)

I happen to be part of an e-mail thread this week with several members of the product group and we were discussing the need for publicly routable IP address on the external interface of the A/V edge server. I wanted to share with you the information that Alan Shen, Program Manager involved with this technology,…


A/V Edge Server with Load Balancer….still need public IP ADDRESS?

The question has been raised a few times, now that some enterprises are moving beyond the testing phase of OCS 2007 and into large scale production, about the need for a publicly routable IP address when using multiple A/V Edge servers behind a load balancer. First, let me paint you a picture of what a…


Partition address book by Organizational unit

I happen to run across this rather unknown setting the other day while working with a customer and thought it was interesting. I’m not sure why anyone would use it, but thought I’d share the information because I’m sure someone out there has a need to do this. Say you wanted to limit your user’s…


A/V does not work externally

I have seen several cases where the customer states that A/V works internally, but doesn’t work externally. So, there are a few troubleshooting steps we can take to figure out the problem. First, are we using a publicly routable IP address on the external interface of the A/V Edge Server? Next, does your external firewall…


Welcome to my blog

Hello and welcome to my blog! I hope that this site will be a place where you can find and exchange information with the growing community of Unified Communication users. First, let me introduce myself. My name is Chad Lacy and I’m a Support Engineer for Microsoft in Charlotte, NC. I am a member of…


Microsoft’s unified communications platform to the rescue!!!

Microsoft has recently released Office Communications Server 2007 to private beta. OCS will be the replacement to Live Communications Server, which was first released in 2003 and has since seen a 2005 and 2005 SP1 version. So, how does this play in the unified communications platform? Well, for 2007, Microsoft has invested heavily to providing…


Configuring external web farm FQDN after you create pool

Many enterprises set up their OCS environment initially without plans to connect it externally and later decide that they do want to make OCS available externally. The natural tendency is to re-run the setup and check the box for external access. However, this does not completely configure everything as it would if you had done…