Official OCS/LCS product blog site

I jsut wanted to make sure everyone was aware of the official blog site at Content is provided from many different resources from within Microsoft. I would definately bookmark this site!


Transitioning positions

I wanted to let everyone know that I am transitioning to a new position and will no longer be working on OCS/LCS issues. While I’m very excited to be taking on the role of Team Manager within the Exchange Support organization, I will miss working with OCS/LCS.  However, I am working with the OCS Support…


A/V Edge and Publicly routable IP addresses (Part ii)

I happen to be part of an e-mail thread this week with several members of the product group and we were discussing the need for publicly routable IP address on the external interface of the A/V edge server. I wanted to share with you the information that Alan Shen, Program Manager involved with this technology,…


Dual Forking with Nortel CS1000

Many people have been asking for the capability to use OCS 2007 with their IP-PBX without the need of a media gateway. Nortel has been working closely with Microsoft to make this a reality with their CS1000 system. For more information, go to