Microsoft Surface – What is it?

The Microsoft Surface device has been available in Switzerland since 1 September 2009. You may have seen it at our various events, but for those who have not see it in action yet, there is a quick 30 second video summary on the Surface blog

Microsoft Bing - The Decision Engine

Introducing Bing Search by Microsoft. A Decision Engine. So from 3 June 2009, don’t Google It, or Live It, Bing It!

XING Vista Gadget

XING, the social network platform focusing on Professional-Professional contact has made a Vista (and Windows 7) Sidebar gadget available on My Profile on XING. Contact me if you want.

When is a meeting not a meeting, or a meeting is a waste of time?

Do you ever sit in a meeting, and you ponder, “Am I sitting in the wrong movie?” Seth Godin published a very concise list of meetings, and what they are supposed to result in: If you are in a meeting where none of this is happening, or you just see no result, maybe it is…