Windows 7 Compatibility Center Switzerland

In the new Swiss Windows 7 Compatibility Center you will find applications that are Compatible with Windows 7 as claimed by the specific Software Vendors. This list contains products from Swiss Software Vendors and Microsoft.


URL for German Version:
URL for French Version:

These lists are in addition to the lists found on the US Compatibility Center that can be found here.

Is the software that you develop not listed?
As a Software Developer you can still contribute to this list if your Application is Windows 7 Compatible. You can register the application here:

Windows 7 Software Logo Program
Software Developers who take part in the Windows 7 Software Logo Program are allowed to use the “Compatible with Windows 7” Logo:


The Log Program uses a Software Test that you as the developer run against your application. The results are then uploaded to Microsoft to be included in the list. More information can be found here.

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