Test Microsoft Online Services for Free for 30 days

On the 19th March, at x.Days, Microsoft Online was officially launched in Switzerland. Microsoft Business Productivity Online suite (BPOS) is this offering’s name which encompasses Services like SharePoint, Exchange and Unified Communications (IM, Presence and Live Meeting). Planned future enhancements are Online Versions of CRM.

BPOS is hosted in Microsoft Data Centers, under Microsoft Control. Currently for Europe, the data centers are in Dublin, Ireland and Amsterdam, Netherlands.

The whole suite costs about CHF 22.- per month, per user.

You have the opportunity to test the services for free for 30 days, and have a chance to win a HTC Touch Phone.

To test the service, following the following procedure:

  1. Create a Live ID if you don't have one yet https://signup.live.com
  2. Subscribe to the free 30 days Test Suite of Microsoft Online (“Sign up for a trial”) at https://mocp.microsoftonline.com
  3. Wait for the confirmation e-mail. During this time, your Microsoft Online account will be provisioned.
  4. Visit the Customer Portal to retrieve the Administrator Account Information.
  5. Login to the Administration Center with the Administrator Account https://admin.emea.microsoftonline.com
  6. Create your first user accounts, configure Outlook and create your SharePoint site.

Further Technical Information can be found on TechNet (English / German / French). If you want to continue to use the service after the trial 30 days, you may wish to have a Qualified BPOS partner guide you further. These Partners are capable of helping you with Migrations, further Setup and can answer questions relating to your specific needs.


Originally posted on http://blogs.technet.com/chitpro-de/archive/2009/03/20/microsoft-online-services-30-tage-gratis-testen.aspx

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