SQL Server 2008 Infrastructure and Planning Design Guide

The Infrastructure Planning and Design (IPD) guide for SQL Server 2008 has been released here.

This guide is one in a series of planning and design guides that clarify and streamline the planning and design process for Microsoft infrastructure technologies. ‘Each guide in the series addresses a unique infrastructure technology or scenario. These guides include the following topics:

  • Defining the technical decision flow (flow chart) through the planning process.
  • Describing the decisions to be made and the commonly available options to consider in making the decisions.
  • Relating the decisions and options to the business in terms of cost, complexity, and other characteristics.
  • Framing the decision in terms of additional questions to the business to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the appropriate business landscape.

The guides in this series are intended to complement and augment the product documentation.

The series of guides cover Windows Server, to Virtualization, Desktop Optimization, System Center, Exchange and other mainstream Infrastructure products and technologies.

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