Advance Notice: Extraordinary Security Update, 17. December 2008

The security of our Customers and Partners is for Microsoft Switzerland of primary concern. We wish to support our Customers in their IT Infrastructure operations, so today Wednesday 17 December 2008, around 19:00 Swiss Time, we will be announcing an extraordinary security update.

This update affects all supported versions of Internet Explorer.

Detailed information will be released around 19:00 Swiss time. Such types of extraordinary security updates are only issued in very rare circumstances. In a short period of time, the number of attacks against the product has made it necessary to issue this update. It is highly recommended that this security update is applied as quickly as possible to your computer environment, including personal computers at home. The update will be available via Microsoft Update and can be automatically installed.

As soon as this attack became known to Microsoft, experts in the Development Teams started to develop a fix. Ensuring maximum quality, as well as the support of all languages that our product is available in, required a broad and prompt response to this situation. We are continuously updating the relevant web sites with information on the status and deployment of this update.

The following sites are currently publishing information for this update:





At the point in time of the Security Update being released, Microsoft Switzerland will be issuing further information via e-mail to customer.


Microsoft Schweiz GmbH


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