Ed Horley – Who’s Who in IPv6: The Companies and People Leading the Way – An Excellent Article!

The IPV4 address space is exhausted!  The impact is looking in the not to distant future and many of you are already deeply entrenched in transition planning for the move to IPV6.  Right? …….. Right?  Ed Horley is one of the biggest advocates I know around IPV6.  He truly “Gets IT.”   He is fond of asking audiences “How many of you are running IPV6 today?”  While he patiently watches a paltry few hands go up, he smiles, then asks “And how many of you are running Windows 7?”  The majority of the hands rise at this question, then Ed puts the cap on.  “So you are running IPV6!”

IPV6 is here to stay!  The standard is in place and the opportunity is ours to embrace it.  There are some pretty significant benefits of IPV6, not the least of which includes a significantly expanded address space.  If you are in IT anywhere you need to read this article for the wake up call that it is truly meant to be.  Find the resources you need to get a handle on IPV6. 

Read Ed’s latest article in Network World here….http://www.networkworld.com/news/2011/100511-ipv6-thought-leaders-251649.html

Great Job Ed!!

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