MBAM, DaRT, AIS and the new Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack (MDOP)2011 R2

If you are a Microsoft customer with volume licensing you have probably already been using MDOP for years.  If your not a volume license customer maybe its time to make the move.  Yesterday Microsoft announced the release of MDOP 2011 R2.  This new release of MDOP contains 3 major upgrades to the already great Desktop Optimization Kit.   

1.  MBAMbam

While it sounds like something from a 1960s Adam West Batman episode its actually the Microsoft Bit Locker Administration and Management tool.  This tool makes provisioning, configuration, deployment and management of bit locker so much easier than ever before.     Check out this cool video on TechNet to get more detail on MBAM. 

2. DaRT

MP900402850[1]Microsoft Diagnostics and Recovery Toolkit 7.0 is not actually new at all.  In fact this has been a go to tool for Desktop administrators for years.  So what's so cool about the new DaRT version?  Two Words.  Remote Control.  You can troubleshoot and fix problems from your couch, or office.  You still have all the great tools from past editions of DaRT plus as Tim the tool man would say, “More Power!”  I don’t know any administrator who isn’t interested in that.  Check out the DaRT overview Video on TechNet.

3.  AIS

  Asset Inventory Service 2.0 makes managing inventory a cloud based proposition and does an excellent job of it.  Now you can get very detailed reports about hardware and software and use that information to better manage your environment.  Check out the TechNet overview of AIS2.0.


MDOP 2011 R2 is available at the Microsoft Volume license download center, and for those who have an MSDN or TechNet Subscription from the associated download site.  So what if your not a Volume License Customer, or don’t have an MSDN or TechNet subscription.  (Its time to get one!)

Trick of the Trade:  A little known fact about MDOP is that it is available as a very reasonably priced, per seat, add on to the Windows Intune Service.  Check it out here.

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