“Born to Run : A Hidden Tribe, Superathletes, and the Greatest Race the World Has Never Seen” : May Book of the Month

born to runI was flying out of the Oakland Airport in April and I noticed a book on the shelf at one of the Kiosk Bookstores.  It had a title that was nearly half a page long.  I read it and I was hooked.  I didn’t buy the book right then because I have an Audible Premium membership that I rely on for my reading (or rather listening.)  I looked the book up on Audible (while I was still in the airport,) then downloaded it and synced it out to my Zune.  I made a quick stop at Auntie Annes for a Pretzel with marinara sauce, and another quick stop at the ice cream store for a scoop of mint chocolate chip and a scoop of chocolate chip cookie dough.  I know that’s not the healthiest lunch but I needed fat and calories and that lunch has plenty of both.  I settled down into one of Southwest airlines “comfortable” chairs and started the book.  I listened for an hour while I waited for my flight.  I listened for the 90 minutes on the plane.  I was hooked.  The story is fascinating. 

Important side note.  I don’t run!  I play sports.  Running to kick a ball, or running to catch a ball, or running to avoid being eaten by a bear, or running to fulfill some other associated task, those I do.  Running just to run I don’t do. 

I still loved this book!  Mostly it is not a book about competitive running but instead a book about  the origins, evolution, and practical limits of why we as a species run.  I was impressed with the authors ability to carve a truly interesting story from a topic that I would personally consider just mildly interesting to begin with.  Boy was I surprised! 

I loved the authors use of several interwoven stories to build what for me turned out to be a thoroughly enjoyable reading experience.  I would highly recommend the book to you.  I will never think of running in the same way again.  Not that I have taken up running as a hobby, but next time I am charging down a dirt path in the Uintah mountains with my shotgun at my side, or maybe just playing tag with my kids in the backyard I will smile at the tie that binds us to our past and to our future.  Running.  

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