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I love working with technology, and I believe in my heart that I have one of the greatest jobs on the planet.  I am unabashedly bought in to working as an employee of Microsoft.  I have the opportunity to act as an interface between the great company that I work for and the great audience that I work with.  Over the past 5+ years I have asked tens of thousands of individuals in live events all over the United States to give me anecdotal feedback about their dealings with Microsoft.  Some of the feedback is incredibly positive, and some is incredibly negative.  I am not here to judge the feedback.  I am hear to listen to your feedback and then to record it and put it in front of the eyes that can do something about it.  I know that some of you are not interested in giving verbal feedback.  I know there are some of you who are hesitant to use your personal contact info while providing feedback. 

I still want your feedback!   Please use the survey monkey link below as a method to provide feedback and help this great company get even better!

Survey Monkey Link

Thank you in advance for sharing your opinions!

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