TechNet Events 2011

I am happy to announce that I received the registration links today for a series of TechNet events that my coworkers, Harold Wong and Chris Avis and I will host during January and February of 2011. 

The events will focus on virtualization and on the changes that have emerged in the world of Cloud computing.  We are super excited to be offering these events at this time and look forward to seeing you there!  Please use the links below to register to attend the event nearest you. 

6 January 2011 Phoenix AZ

11 January 2011 Bellevue WA

13 January 2011 Portland OR

18 January 2011 Denver CO

20 January 2011 Salt Lake City UT

24 January 2011 Irvine CA

25 January 2011 Los Angeles CA

2 February 2011 San Francisco CA

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