Chris Henley Acquires Remington 887 Nitro Mag



"Born of the gun making expertise that brought you the best-selling, most trusted shotgun of all time – the Model 870™ – the new Model 887™ Nitro Mag is an armor-clad warrior here to carry the torch of our great pump-gun legacy through the most extreme conditions on earth. The most durable and reliable shotgun ever built, it has no external surfaces to rust. Our exclusive ArmorLokt™ construction process seals the receiver and barrel in a vault of weather-impervious synthetic armor, so you can wipe it down with your wet dog or a decoy bag at the end of the day."




There is something about a great shotgun that just feels good in your hands and your heart.  When you lift it to your shoulder and lie your cheek on the stock its almost like giving it a hug.  I know that's a little sappy, after all this is a weapon we are talking about.  I have been a rifle and pistol guy for most of my life.  The shotgun never really played into my outdoor gun enthusiasm.  Recently I started shooting shotguns with my brother-in-law Gary.  He loves to hunt ducks and geese, and the occasional clay pigeon.  I went because I wanted to see what it was like.  I was hooked on the first day.  My shoulder hurt for a week afterwards.  We shot 12 gauge Remington 870's because that's Gary's favorite.  I decided that even though I have very little experience with the shotgun family I might have missed an opportunity for a heck of a lot of fun.  I have a friend named Mike who runs the gun counter at Smith and Edwards.  Mike knows his guns, and he's a good friend. I trust him.  

I took the kids with me and we went out to Mike about Shotguns.  I told him I was looking for a shotgun and he handed me the 887.  I loved it!  I looked at a bunch of other guns but really the only choice for me was whether I wanted it in black or Camo.  I went with Black.  The gun just looks mean.  It shoots like a dream!  Its easy to point and shoot.  It has a special pad that noticeably reduces the recoil.  I shot 50 rounds one afternoon and my shoulder didn't hurt at all.  I have a long way to go before I start shooting like my brothers-in-law.  I let Gary shoot the new 887 and his comments say it all.

  "I have to say, I hate it!"  Then he shot 5 more rounds, hitting every clay and handed the gun back to me.  Translation: If I say I love it I'll have to sell one of my 870's to get the new 887. 

Something tells me he's a Camo man.    

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  1. Trevor Newton says:

    Glad to see your getting into such a great sport.  I’ve always loved my 870 since I bought it when I was 15.  It is the American workhorse of shotguns.  Its always great to go shoot clays with guys spending thousands of dollars on a gun and showing them how to get it done 😉 .

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