New Features of Windows Server 2008 File Services

I have been working with Windows Servers for going on 15 years.  We have come a long way since Windows NT 3.x.  Many of the changes have been glamorous like Active Directory, or very slow and deliberate like the move to IPV6 (can you believe it was supported in Windows NT 4.) One thing has permeated every version of Windows Server.  File and print service have always been there and looks like they are a permanent fixture for the foreseeable future. So what changes have gone on in the world of file services.  It seems like with all the cool technology we have developed here at Microsoft we must have done something for the file server.  Not to worry.  File services have had their day in the hallowed halls of the Windows Server development team.  I have to say the results are very good.  Significant improvements to the SMB protocol have been made.  Distributed File System (DFS) has matured to a level that I really enjoy using it.  Clustered services is off the charts cool.  This used to be the most painful process you could perform on a Windows Server.  Now it is downright easy. 

I recorded a session on the new file server features of Windows Server.  It runs about 90 minutes but comes complete with Power Point slides a a series of demonstrations. 

Click the monitor and Enjoy!!

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