Netflix Watch Instantly and Windows 7RC1

image Let's begin with the fact that I am a huge fan of Netflix!  I love that this company has had the vision to see the future of movie distribution channels and the guts to stand in the face of the Blockbusters and Hollywood videos of the world and move ahead with technology.  I love that Netflix has partnered with XBox to provide a channel experience through the xbox.  Netflix is great!  Now for today's reality check.  My wife is babysitting here sisters kids.  One of them is 3 years old and of course loves cartoons.  As part of their morning routine they will usually watch 20 or 30 minutes of cartoons on Netflix (The Pink panther is their current favorite.) Imagine my surprise when I saw this message when we tried to play cartoons from the watch instantly portion of the netflix web site.  After an initial search it looks like this is a common problem. It would appear that Netflix in a lapse of foresight has elected not to support the beta editions of Windows 7.  I understand completely the reasons a company might consider this option but I am a little surprised one as forward thinking as Netflix has been would choose this developmental option.  I wonder if they don't have something else going on that they are not talking about .  I couldn't find any rumors online.  I don't see any forthcoming resolutions so I am going to try some ideas and see what happens.   

Comments (2)

  1. chrisl says:

    Same problem here.  Woked about two weeks ago though.

  2. Nicbot says:

    Found this and it works on Win 7.

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