"I’m just not cool enough to be a Mac person"

Last night while watching an amazing basketball game between Memphis and Missouri I saw the commercial I have been dreaming about making for a long long time.  So here's the deal, I hear all the time how "cool" Apple is, and no one seems to bat an eye at the outlandish cost of Apple hardware.  I can't believe people are willing to pay twice as much just to have the Apple logo.  So finally someone from the ad agency got the clue to focus on price, and value for money.  Even more importantly Microsoft dropped the crazy notion that we should advertise the benefits of Windows without offending the competition (in this case Apple.) The truth in this case is very refreshing.  Watch out Penguin lovers!    The commercial is great!


P.S.  It would have been just one step better to actually see the Apple hardware, and the sales folks all standing behind the counter shaking their heads "no" that they could not sell her an Apple laptop for under $1000 no matter what she was willing to accept.  Not cool enough indeed.

Comments (2)

  1. paul says:

    It has nothing to do with being “cool” guys (and gals)- it’s simple economics! I mean come on. You have $700 and only $700- and something costs $899, does it mean you aren’t cool enough to own what costs more? So I am finding it weird (as a Windows admin) and slightly embarassing that we are laughing about a comment totally unconnected to the process. If she had said, “I’m too poor to own a Mac” or something like that it would have made sense.

    And talking of economics- sometimes we get exactly what we pay for 😉

  2. Matt says:

    Maybe they could have shown the inside of the Apple store had they directed Lauren (paid actress) to stay in the building for more than 3 seconds, rather then just entering and immediatly exiting the store as the same man walks in front of it in the foreshot then go into a scripted retelling of her experience as she drives to the next scene, I mean store. I think you or anybody else for that matter with a camera and near by campus with a drama department of eager talent could make a commercial like this ;).

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